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As the seasons turn, Penrith comes alive and Thornton residents are well placed to take it all in.

September 22nd will see a wave of excitement come to the Thornton estate as our newest residents from The Pavilions East tour and inspect their brand new, luxury apartments.

The 10-storey tower is a mirror to The Pavilions West, which settled in March. Each tower has 102 apartments, including 26 penthouse apartments.

Deborah Landes, Executive Director, First Point Property said that while housing diversity is a key element of Thornton, it’s The Pavilions that set this new community apart.

“Thornton offers high quality living right across the development and the Pavilions offer a great extension on that luxury living for which the estate is known for,” Ms Landes said. “They’re also the tallest residential buildings the city has yet seen.”

At the Grand Reveal, owners will have a chance to admire the quality finishes, explore the design features that set these properties apart and take in their new views.

For enquiries about The Pavilions East, please call 1800 88 53 88.

More to look forward to…

Music lovers are in for a treat with the Defqon Festival in Castlereagh on Saturday 15 September, before the Penrith Paceway will host an Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday 15 October.

Ms Landes said Thornton was at the heart of a city making its mark on the events scene.

“Penrith has really raised the bar in terms of festivals and events in recent years,” she said.

And the city’s assets and talent will be on display at the Real Festival at Tench Reserve – Nepean River, Penrith on 2 and 3 November 2018.

Thornton residents are in the fortunate position of being close to the train station and special event shuttle bus pick up points, that make getting to and enjoying these events a breeze.

To find out more about upcoming events, visit https://www.visitpenrith.com.au/events/festivals

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